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INDIA FLAG Australia in India 2017

If you'd love to enjoy cricket in Incredible India but not sure how or simply want to share the atmosphere with awesome Flaggers, then you must Flag next Feb & March. We first toured India in 1996 and every Test tour there since so with 21 years experience in the incomparable terraces, it will be our pleasure to help you enjoy the 2017 4-Test fight for the Border-Gavaskar Trophy in this phenomenal country.

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India excites, mesmerises, baffles, and indulges your every sense, and that's just trying to get into the cricket; bastions filled with frenzied passion, bountiful biriyani, dodgy seating, and sleeping police. Outside you'll find ancient palaces, vast deserts, tranquil waterways, vibrant villages, humbling cities, sumptuous foods, holy cows, barking dogs, and unforgettable train journeys shared with 15-million unimaginably hospitable people every day.

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Since 1995, The Flag has welcomed 650 Flaggers to the cricket with hotel packages including day trips, transfers, dinners, match tickets, merchandise, and much more. The world (and India) is a much easier place to travel now and we both know you don't need your hand held, which is why The Flag is changing... for your benefit. Without all the distractions that come with hosting fully inclusive tours, we just want to enjoy the game with you as we once did.

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As such, our India 2017 experience will include:

7-nights Hotel per test. Breakfast included.
1 Pre-Match Party per Test (with food & beverages)
Test Match Tickets (to paid for by you when collecting)
... and that's it!

No hats you don't need, no shirts you don't like, no day trips to places you don't wish to see, no transfers to miss, and no trains or planes you don't want to use, all of which you now don't have to pay for.

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We understand you are coming to India to watch the cricket yet the biggest obstacle (aside getting in) is buying match tickets so relax, we'll get these for you. Job Done! Also knowing you'll need a bed, we'll have a selection of three and five star hotels for you to choose from. Job Done! Simply put, stay in our hotels and we will buy match tickets on your behalf. Job Done! This will be the most convenient & hassle free means for you to watch cricket India.

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You will make your own way to & from each airport or railway station, to & from the cricket, and to & from each city. We've been there and done that 'a thousand times' so once you've booked, we will advise how to accomplish these simple tasks but we won't book anything for you. This is your chance to Flag at entirely your leisure, in an inspiring country, in 'old favourite' Bengaluru and 3 new venues of Ranchi, Pune, & Dharamsala, with many great Flaggers. Some whom have Flagged since 1995 and some, perhaps like you, whom have yet to.

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You will enjoy India with us in 2017!

Keep Flagging,


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INDIA FLAG See you in Incredible India soon


1st TestPune
2nd TestBengaluru
3rd TestRanchi
4th TestDharamsala
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Flag in India in 2017
From A$600 for 7nts

Feb 21 - March 30


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*Please know that any confirmed match schedules released by the relative Cricket Boards are subject to change without notice. Whilst every care is taken, Waving the Flag accepts no responsibility nor will be held liable for any inaccuracy in any of the above match schedules whatever the cause or effect.
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